November 05, 2008

End of the blog ...

So now it is the end of this blog. The Chicago adventure is over and I would like to thank all my friends with whom I won't have such a wonderful year in Chicago and I miss all of you guys !
I really hope that one day we can meet again in the future around some French bakeries or a beijing duck, or even maybe a Deep Dish or maybe anything else since it tastes good :P .... who knows.....

Keep in touch guys ;) and thank you !

November 02, 2008

IIT Karaoke

Another IIT karaoke ! But this year I took a good resolution and just take pictures and support some friends instead of singing :P
Very good singers ...

November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween !!!

October 31st : HALLOWEEN !!!
For this day, we just made a small trip to the "loop" and hop get a free pumpkin :P at the Daley Plaza where there was also a show with fire ... and to finish with a movie on Frankenstein :POh one live TV program, the O2 channel :D but nothing special :P
And finally trip to the Navy Pear (as usual haha) ... and its famous fireworks (again, yeah again lol)

Happy Halloween !!!

October 26, 2008

Weird fruit ...

Hmm weird fruit ... green tomatoes which taste like the red ones ... and the others -> no idea of what it is :P

October 19, 2008

Jersey Boys

Very nice show (hmm much better than Sweeney Todd haha), very funny and some really good songs ... Ohoh maybe now there will be Some New Jersey boys and girls :P (not only boys). Who knows ...

October 10, 2008

Dandiya night !

The Dandiya night, big party for Indian people for Durga festival (correct me if I am wrong) and everybody is dancing in group s and where people are specially dressed. The dancers whirl and move their feet and arms according to the tune of the music with lots of rythmic beats. We can also use sticks and clatter them :P
One word: GREAT !

Hard Rock coffee

Why not a small Hard Rock coffee :P
Very nice restaurant (as expensive as the Cheese Cake Factory :P) but very nice decoration and atmosphere
And I am still addicted to burgers when I went to restaurant :S
Next restaurant in the "Grand red line" area : the Rain Forest cafe :P

Homecoming : the Carnaval Day !

Very nice day full of funny games, free food, free t-shirt :P
Of course when it is free, here we are :D

September 23, 2008

IIT Homecoming 1st event: Volley ball match

This week is the Homecoming week at IIT, one of the biggest event of the year :D
Tonight was a volley ball match , IIT's Hawk team against Trinity Christian so that meant free food, free Tshirt etc :P

And at end, IIT WIN !!!!!!!

Funny ad in the train ... :P

September 21, 2008

RedBall in IIT

Kurt Perschke's RedBal project in Chicago :)

Happy Birthday Julie !

September 12, 2008

Flug Tag at North Beach

A special event was organized by RedBull at North Beach ....
Several teams will try to make their "plane" fly over the lake but most of them just came to jump into the lake I guess ... (it is hard to fly without wings :P)

August 26, 2008

Football: Chicago Bears !

Begining of the class means new events organized by Union Board Yihouuuuuuuuu :P
First match of the Chicago Bears. And concerning the match, they ................... lose........ :(
But finally I spent a great time haha thanks little guy :D

Latin Festival

August 17, 2008

Air Water show

Oh in a first time --> Engineer now !!! more precisely unemployed engineer :P
Nice Air Water Show to finish with the last classic concert in the Millenium park ...Thanks little guy for this day, it was a good idea :D
Merci ;)